The Mystery of Manhood Revealed!
We all want it, including you! Imagine being respected for who you are, valued for your contributions, known for your greatness, and desired by others because you play a significant role in their lives! However, there is one problem! Not knowing the answer to the one question that challenges our desires, exposes our fears, reveals our insecurities, and uncovers the realities of what we don't want others to know that we don't know.
What does it really mean to be a man? This question is asked by millions young and old daily. It's sought out every second of life, through the internet, sports, careers, measuring against other men, the empty feeling of multiple sex partners, deception, and risky behaviors that threaten life on many levels, but none of these actions manage to answer this one question.

Unfortunately, this question has gone unanswered by boys who have become fathers that have passed down a legacy of false identity, masculinity, and strength that has been built by the pain of the broken male. In "The Mystery of Manhood", Chris Cannon shows men the step-by-step process to maximize the life they were created to live, achieve the life they desire to live, and make the life they're currently living this reality.
This experience is sure to be encouraging, exciting, exhilarating, and empowering in such a way that doesn't make men feel talked down to, disrespected, or less than because they don't measure up. No longer do men have to feel irrelevant because of their income, pain from their past, embarrassed by their emotions, ashamed by what they don't know, confused about their role, or lost without a father figure! The search is over and "The Mystery of Manhood" has finally been revealed!
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